As Easy As 1.2.3?

This phrase has haunted throughout my young life as I have set about to overcome the cruel and unforgiving world of numbers...yes I find certain aspects of the numerical world to be quite appealing such as doubling my assets or perhaps adding to my savings account, but it pains me when I find myself concentrating upon numbers with letters next to them and wondering why on earth some fool allowed this tricky equation to come into existance. I am perhaps one of the few who still believe in the good ole a-d-d. No, not ADD, but add I mean honestly why do we torment ourselves with these greater degrees of intellect? I am not entirely against subtraction, multiplication, or division. I, in fact, actually liked my times tables and continue to like multiplication. But why subtract or divide when you can simply add and multiply? Two dollars plus two dollars equals four dollars...so simple and yet so grand when mutiplied by six lovely digits...Alas this is all a prelude to the sad and lonely unmelodious sound of pencil scratching upon paper...I must adjourn til a happier time when I have less numerical burden....to the mattresses!!!

ThE tWiN sTrIkEs BaCk!!!

Thanks to the long hook-nosed-peering inquiries of Katie I have been greatly stunted in my most recent of attempts at beginning this great and wonderous bloggered post. The first draft which I might add was quite awesome in many ways was sadly and accidentally sent into the void of the blasted computer black-holed networking system. So alas I must begin anew. First of all I must ask myself why blog? Blog seems like a cuss word of sorts...what does it mean? Bollgedy blog blog bloggert bloggitto blogga blogget! Hmm anyway so this being my first notation upon the clean slate of my blog history I find the need to clarify nothing. Strangely enough it seems that it would be folly and in fact a waste of time to try to tell my life's story to those of my people who shall visit this aforementioned blogged site. So therefore I shall hitherto write mostly for my own amusement until such a time as I feel inclined to do otherwise at which time I will dramatically anounce such a change.
...By the way if the title of this here blogged message seems irrelevant pay it no heed it is but a title. What is truly in a title anyway? Who honestly reads a title? Alas only those who have no text to read and since I have given you the means by which to have text there truly is no real need for a title. I honestly detest it when people, lawyers especially, lay out what they are going to say, tell you what they are saying, and then tell you what they just said. I mean honestly if someone is that dumb tellin' em the same thing three times over is not going to help, they are past help...GIVE UP. Also really in all truthfulness if the lawyer needs to say it three times what does that really say about him? Or about the message he is TRYING to get across? I would have to say it just means that in the end the poor fool probably had nothing of real importance to say!